Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Kitchener my bitchener

A couple of weeks ago I lamented the fact that to continue on the ol' Silken Scabbard Deux, I was going to have to do a relative ass-load of Kitchener bind-off on the hem so that I could try it on. Here's the epic task:

This doesn't look as long as it felt to me when I started pulling the tail of yarn though. But it was long. Trust me.

I sat down with the understanding that I probably wouldn't get done in one sitting, it might go horribly wrong, and it was going to take a long-ass time. I think knowing that going in made it much smoother, and watching some football as I worked helped to ease the pain (not watching the Colts, though...ouch). And I owned the thing, albeit two days later with a few unraveled stitches:

Excuse the weird lighting. I was trying to be artsy (read: I'm bad at photography). I even finished the sleeve's cuff while I was at it:

I'm on fire! I'm hoping the streak doesn't mysteriously end before I get to the final cuff.

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  1. I love the kitchener(tubular) bind off! You've done a great job. I salute you. I've only used it for sock tops and a couple of armholes. I can fathom a whole sweater bottom. Ugh! Pulling all that yarn through would have made me crazy!