Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Puppy therapy

I know that I promised I wouldn't blather on about 'my dog is so cute blah blah blah' as if he were my child (actually, some people blathering about their children on their blogs is possibly less entertaining than a little dog talk--not you of course, if you happen to talk about your kids a lot. I'm sure yours are super interesting prodigies.) but this is too cool not to share.

He's been sans hardware and cone for a while now, but still rehabilitating; he's been going to physical therapy once a week (there are physical therapists for dogs--who knew?) It's pretty much like physical therapy for people, exercises and stretching, but recently he's been using the 'water treadmill':

Sammy's Water Treadmill from Eric Fahsl on Vimeo.

The idea is to give him extra resistance to walking, as well as making him buoyant to reduce impact. His therapist describes him as 'all business' on the treadmill. Deep in concentration!

Thanks to copilot for shooting and posting the video.


  1. Oh, please do blah on about your pets. Your dog is amazing to co-operate with therapy. I always enjoy seeing well loved pets!

  2. Hi AC :)
    Just found your blog...LOVE it! btw my daughter is also AC...