Friday, March 4, 2011

Majorly bummed.

The socks I've been working so long on were ready to be finished up on my second flight home from a work conference yesterday--until one of them came up missing. Fell out of my bag during first flight? I don't know. Between this, job stress, WI politics, etc. my heart has hit the floor. Two and a half months of work down the drain. How do you even start to bounce back?


  1. :( oh chuck. How about doing a thread on Ravelry in the hope that a nice person has found it?

  2. Sorry AC :(
    When something like that happens, I try get even with the dark side that has ruined something I love doing...I would go out and buy the most delicious yarn I can find (irrespective of cost!),
    a new pair of circs and I would then spend a whole hour browsing for a stunning pattern . Then I would sit down with a really good audiobook, and turn off my cell phone, and give myself a whole afternoon to listen and knit....NOTHING else stealing my attention :)
    When you've spent quality time with what you love to'll feel a bit better :)
    (...oh, nearly forgot...have a glass of wine as well :) )

  3. Oh no! How awful :( I'm sorry you lost your sock. I would go knit something completely un-socklike to recover.

  4. Oh! I can feel your pain. I accidentally felted my first pair of knitted socks to elfin size. It was like losing them after all the work. Take a break from it. You'll get the urge to cast on again.

  5. *gasp!* That's terrible! I am so sorry that happened to you. Maybe you should knit a hat to take the edge off...