Saturday, May 7, 2011

All cowled up with nowhere to go

It's finished:

The Danube cowl.

I connected the cowl with buttons instead of Kitchener stitch, as a design change (read: I was on an airplane and couldn't remember how to do a provisional cast-on). The buttons are mother-of-pearl--I love MOP. It's always cold when you touch it at first and like a magpie I love anything shiny.

I can hear my mom right now: 'Mother-of-pearl is for old ladies.' That's always her go-to descriptor for any of my tastes she thinks are dumb--'Lavender scented stuff is for old ladies.' 'Recumbent bicycles are for old ladies.' I remember when I was maybe 7 years old or so, and I wanted to be called Crystal (don't ask, I don't know). 'Crystal is an old lady name!'. It was only when I grew older that I discovered Crystal was in fact a white trash name, not an old lady name (sorry if you or your loved ones are named Crystal--no, I mean I'm sorry that it's your name, because it's totally WT).

So here I am in the state of WA on a little business trip, and what happens?

Son of a bitch! Nice weather, sunny and 70. The lovely cowl is staring at me with its big, sad, old lady mother-of-pearl eyes. I'm sorry! I promise I'll wear you as soon as I can.


  1. super pretty! I love mother of pearl too, but I like seeing it in unconventional places, and your cowl certainly qualifies! :)

  2. It's really pretty. I love mother of peal too. YAY for warm weather..Boo for not being able to wear the cowl.

  3. The cowl is lovely and if you need cold weather, just come up here to Canada. We're still getting shafted on the weather front.

  4. I <3 WA and Mother of Pearl. I too wanted a name like Crystal, it was more "American" to me as a kid. Then my sister explained that only strippers have names like Crystal and Diamonique. Granted, I got these names from the female American Gladiators.

  5. Awesome buttons! :) There's always next winter...