Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ZOMG Adorable

I'm not usually one for internet acronyms but 'zomg' just seems to convey the appropriate amount of extreme excitement for my new stitch markers. I couldn't resist when Stephcuddles showed off her newest stitch marker creations, 'Afternoon Tea'.

I should have put a scale marker on the image, because these things are petite. The tiny detail is beautiful and impressive.  You can check out her Etsy shop here if you're interested.  

Full disclosure: I'm not entirely sure what my tea time treats there in the background are.  I think maybe I requested cookies? Oh crap, cookies are called biscuits in the UK. So what are UK cookies? Thoughts? 


  1. No ! those are sultana scones, with jam and cream :-) Nom!

  2. Oh, those really are adorable. I love the detailed little flowers!

  3. I love her stitch markers! And those are raisin scones (sultanas).

  4. Awww so glad you like them :) yes indeed they are scones :) I must have misread your message when you bought them, thought you asked for either scones or cookies :/ sorry's.

    But thanks for a lovely blog post about them :D

  5. ZOMG seems appropriate. How cute!