Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's that time of year

For the past five--maybe even seven--years, I've dutifully gotten my flu shot. Usually I don't even have to ask, my doc has always pushed them like a street-corner crack dealer. This year, they ran out, I was to lazy and cheap to go somewhere else, blah blah blah. The upshot is that I would go and get 80 flu shots if it meant I never had to relive last week. So today, I'm just going to regale you with some vacation photos from a couple weekends ago.

The copilot and I go on a (psuedo) annual ski trip with some of our college friends. This year: South Lake Tahoe.

Yay! Ready to go.

Hmm. That might be dangerous.
If you've been outside at all this winter, you may have noticed that it's not very....wintery. Bad for skiing (and any snow related industry--yay shitty economy!). But it was still nice to be out.

Even though it was kind of raining the first day.

Mother Nature smiled upon us, though, and provided a bounty of 20 inches of fresh snow. 

We might have ventured off-piste a little bit to embrace the powdies. Shhh, don't tell ski patrol. We had to be careful of submerged rocks and trees, since the base was so thin. I rented some fatty skis for the occasion and got the damage waiver so I could go over rocks and not feel guilty about it.

I wish I lived here.

OH. And I also finished those stupid man-socks.

Don't ask why the stripes are different, because I don't know.


  1. I love different striped socks. Also, I've never been skiing. I'm afraid of breaking my neck/getting buried under an avalanche.

  2. That is so weird. Maybe you were more stresses when knitting one of those and the slight change of tension changed the stripes.

  3. I am so sorry you've been sick :-( Feel better soon x <----from a distance LOL