Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A palate cleanser

Muchas gracias for all of your kind words about the shawl debacle. I thought it only fair to offer you a palate cleanser of happiness after listening to my bitching. BAM:

Two mitts, ends woven in, blocked and dried! A true finished object! Life is about the little victories sometimes. Now to wait, oh, about four months before the weather is appropriate for wear-age.


  1. i love me some quick and gorgeous knits right after coming off a big project (and sometimes right in the middle of one too. hehe)

  2. These are great. Love the colour and the pattern is great. Life is definitely about the little victories.

  3. Very pretty. Never fear, it will be cold enough to wear them before you know it.

  4. These are gorgeous. I love the colorway, the pattern, all of it. Well done!

    And ps, you've been tagged on my blog! :)