Monday, July 12, 2010

Bon appetit!

Trying to find some instant gratification via the Netflix 'Instant Queue' (a.k.a., "You didn't plan for your evening, so we're throwing you a bone with a limited selection movies you can watch through your computer"), we ended up watching Julie and Julia. It follows Julia Child through her early cooking years and a parallel(ish) story of blogger Julie Powell as she works through Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year. I could have done with all Julia Child all the time (She was a spy! She revolutionized American home cooking! She was 6'2"!) and no Julie blogging (She works in a cubicle! She has no ambition! She cries!), with the exception of this segment:

Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live as Julia (with hilarious thumb chopping results!). Julie and her hubby watch the skit one late night.

Sidenote: Watching this is one of my earliest memories as a kid. Don't ask me why I was awake for SNL or why my parents were letting me watch it (way to go, guys) but I remember being very concerned for the nice lady who was bleeding everywhere. I think the memory stuck with me because I was surprised when my dad informed me that the blood was fake and downright baffled when he said that the 'nice lady' was a man. I was beginning to think this was a fabricated memory since no one else seems to remember this sketch; it's always nice to take steps away from the nuthouse instead of towards it.

However, the blogging segments for some reason struck concern in my copilot, who practically shoved Mystery Wedding Project into my hands mid-movie and prodded "Knit. Knit! You haven't been knitting or blogging, slacker!" (I'm paraphrasing). He even snapped a photo for me [WEDDING PROJECT SPOILER AHEAD]:

It was nice to see the progress. All 4 colors are involved! The copilot's concern was a little perplexing, though, since a major source of conflict in the movie is the couple's dearth of nooky due to the demands of the blogging project...impressive confidence, I guess!


  1. I read the book, then saw the movie on Pay-Per-View. The movie was, definitely, better than the book.

    It was also really cool to see Julia Child's complete kitchen at one of the Smithsonian museums when Hubby and I went to Washington D.C. back in September for vacation. Although I don't know how Julie Powell was able to leave a pound of butter below the picture. That's behind glass. ;-)

  2. I love your review. I enjoyed the Julia portion of the movie better than the Julie part as well. The wedding project is looking good!

  3. I'm with you on this. I reviewed this on my blog recently too and found nothing particularly appealing about Julie after reading the book and watching the movie.