Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventures in ski touring: part II

Sunday was a new start for ski touring at Snoqualmie Pass. We tried to get an early start.

The parking lot wasn't too crowded...strangely there were a handful of emergency vehicles there too.  A fellow looky-loo claimed they'd found a body, but we checked the newspapers the next day and I think he was pulling our leg(s).

There was snow! Immediately! Already a head-start from yesterday.

Murray came with.

Nom nom Clif Bar.

We took a break and had lunch on Snow Lake. Is that a penguin back there?

Snow angel on Snow Lake--we were just excited to play in the snow since we haven't gotten any of that stuff in WI.

Sometimes I still got a little frustrated. We're not very good at route finding yet. At times, hiking was a constant stream of obscenities that ranged from internal monologue to inaudible muttering to completely discernible (but nonsensical) phrases.

Grumpy Gus after some tough skinning.

It was a good "learning experience", shall we say...and I suppose we got a couple of good turns in.

Skiing down the Dome.


  1. LOL at least you look like you had fun this time :-) & congrats on the PhD x

  2. Ooh! Fun and congrats on the Doctorate! I've never been skiing, it looks like fun but it also looks like I'll break my neck.