Friday, January 13, 2012

A tiny bit of Xmas knitting after all

I know I said that I wasn't doing any knitting for Christmas gifts, but I may have done just a little. I don't really even think it counts because the recipient is completely unaware of Christmas, the concept of holidays in general, and possibly has no perception of the passage of time.

I'd been promising to knit my parents' dog a sweater for over a year. I'd looked at some patterns at one point and even done some preliminary measurements...and never really got much further than that. But as the weather turned cold, the dogs at the Dane County Humane Society where I volunteer provided some inspiration:

What are we stopping for, silly human? Let's go!

Toasty warm.

Let me show you my good side.
I really liked the design of these jackets. They don't have to go over the head or be pulled over the front legs, which some of the shelter dogs would have no patience for. Two easy velcro flaps: one over the chest, one wrapped around the belly. I mimicked the design shape, and added some patches and a border for color.

My original idea was to just use velcro like the coats for the flaps, but I had concerns about the wool getting stuck in the hooks and eventually interfering with function. I had this 'great' idea that I would use magnets for the clasps. Quick, easy, and nothing to snag on.

Stupid magnets.

Unfotunately, the magnets I bought were a)relatively expensive and b)almost impossible to sew on (thank you Joann Fabrics). So for now, it attaches with some safety pins and a vague promise that I'd figure something out later.

But in my humble opinion, it looks adorable.

I know right? AWWWW. And the fit is great!

Question for those of you that are both knitters and dog lovers: is this a pattern that you would be theoretically interested in? Do you think it would be worthwhile for me to write it up in different sizes?


  1. Your parents' dog might just be the cutest thing ever. That last photo is adorable!

  2. Yes please write it up; had you thought about having one great big button (& buttonhole) instead of the velcro/magnet ? It could be a feature in itself - a toggle or whatever ... :-)

  3. That is really sweet. A really classy dog coat.

  4. Very cute... and reminds me that I have a half-made dog coat in the basement for my dad's Bichon.

  5. Aww... so dashing!

    I guess something that can break away/pull open easily enough, in case it catches on a branch or something and the dog doesn't get hurt by being strangled by it (heaven forfend…).

  6. That's funny. The only Christmas knitting I did was for my dog as well.

    I think that pattern is quite cute and worth writing up. I would make it for Scooter if he hadn't declared all sweaters as "The Enemy".

  7. Oh now that's just adorable! Send it to Knit Picks! I'll bet you they'll be interested in it for their Independent Designers program. :)