Thursday, May 17, 2012

Biking in WI

We're moving away from Madison in a week. Regret isn't quite the right word--but I'm feeling something in the same family as regret about leaving. I accepted a job in BFE, WA (Richland, classiest member of the Tri-Cities). I traveled there five or six times in the course of my thesis work, and as I look through old blog posts I wrote apparently I always enjoyed it. I'm still apprehensive, though. I occasionally got vibes from it that reminded me of where I grew up, and no offense Hoosiers, I don't want to move back to Indiana.

So I'm trying to squeeze as much goodness from Madison as possible in the meantime.

Step 1: Bike as much as possible.

One common road biking destination is the piss-ant town of Paoli.

Bustling downtown Paoli.

It's about 17 miles outside of town, with a park that makes for a nice stopping point. You can refill your waterbottle from the community pump, which contains delicious, delicious rusty water. My husband and other biking buddies think it's disgusting, but it just reminds me of well water. Mmmm.

Wisconsin has a fabulous county road system. Supposedly, the roads are above average because they have more stringent standards on road quality than most states, the primary reason being the transport of dairy products. Can't be breakin' those milk bottles...

Smooth roads and the sweet smell of manure.

Love this place, it's a house with very modern architecture on a farm.

I even came across a llama farm on my last trip. You usually see cows.

I found a llama farm!

We occasionally participate in supported rides--you can't really call them races, they aren't timed or anything and I personally totally suck. But they have designated routes, rest stations, sag wagons and other nice perks that of course you don't get if you set out on your own. We recently did the Quadrupedal in Dodgeville, WI...the weather didn't exactly cooperate. It poured for about the first hour (we waited it out) and then intermittently showered on us. We opted for the shortest route.

Step 2: We hit up the drive-in movie theater for probably the last time....

Is it dark yet??
The only place to get a decent pork tenderloin in WI...the Highway 18 Drive-In snack bar.

I already want to go back (the Avengers was fabulous! and Richland has no drive-ins) but they're showing Battleship this week. Ugh.

I received a pretty awesome graduation present in the mail. I'd been coveting one of these yarn bowls for a long time, and let my parents know it might be a nice gift.

They took the bait, so I gave my Meadow Point Studio bowl a whirl for the first time last night. Yarn successfully wrangled.


  1. Well congrats on a successful thesis defense! Yup, you're moving to BFE, WA. You will learn to love weekends elsewhere ... like, on the other side of pass, perhaps? However, it will be good in the beginning, because there's lots of new things you'll both be able to explore.

  2. Best of luck with the move. I'm sure that things will get better once you've settled in.

    And I've always called out-of-the-way place being located in East Bumblefuck. Great location, by the way. ;-)

  3. P.S. - I meant dissertation defense. Am not trying to take any letters away from that last name - nope, no siree. :)

  4. I love that you said that your parents "Took the bait." Too funny.

    And those roads really do look like comfortable biking roads.