Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last night in Madison - REDUX

Oh. My. Well, that couldn't have gone much worse. I guess the apartment building could have caught fire or maybe some sort of alien invasion, but barring that...first our movers decided at the last minute they only needed Friday to pack and load all of our stuff instead of Thurs. and Fri. Then their truck breaks down and they don't show up until 1 PM on Friday instead of 9 AM. Next we get assurances that they can get done by 8 PM....then maybe 10 PM...then when ten o'clock rolls around and they aren't even close (we've lost our money for our first hotel reservation by this point, of course) they claim they can be done by 9 AM the next day. So naturally, they wrapped everything up by about 1 PM on Saturday and we lost the $$ for our second hotel reservation that we could have made it to if we'd gotten to leave in the morning. Apparently my future employer is as bad at hiring a good moving company as they are at hiring good employees *rimshot*.

I had to vacate the premises on several occasions due to suffering from Barely Concealed Rage Syndrome (BCRS). Sammy didn't seem to mind any of the ruckus and enjoyed nesting in the packing materials.

So it turns out we spent one more night in Madison. On our mattress. On the floor. With all of our toiletries, bedding, and generally useful shit packed away. I groaned when I saw the blanket the copilot dredged up. It was one of the first things that I ever knitted and it is TERRIBLE. I had successfully forgotten it existed. It's all uneven and has mysterious holes everywhere. I didn't know about things like, you know, gauge, or reading patterns, or purling. The thing is probably 5 ft. x 10 ft. (I had no idea it was 10 ft. until it came off the needles...surprise!), which is practical for a really skinny tall person, I guess. It's made with this cheapo yarn I bought at Wal-Mart, the fibers of which seem to get sucked into your lungs and stick if you breathe around it for too long. I hope it isn't carcinogenic.

From the dark days of my knitting history. Pro tip: Don't choose a blanket for one of your first knitting projects.

A good friend suggested we visit the zoo one last time to help ease my BCRS on Friday. My favorite guys were out and about. 

On Saturday I thought this place might help.

Why the hell not?

I grabbed some dust rose colored Malabrigo superwash sock yarn. I didn't take any pictures because a) it got squirreled away in the packing and b) the yarn clerk lady offered to wind it at the store and did a hilariously awful job. It currently looks like a big tangle. Yarn clerk lady was mortified and by that point I was like, "'s just that kind of day. Put it in the bag."
We've made it 7 hours to Sioux Falls, SD (original goal was Rapid City, SD, another 5 hours). Travel plans and hotels have been shuffled and we're a day behind. Who knows where we'll be next?


  1. I had a good chuckle reading about the blanket. Especially the bit about not knowing how to purl.
    I'm actually really impressed that you stuck to it with such a large project. My first project was a scarf in chunky weight yarn and I had a hard time staying focused.

  2. Yikes! I hope the rest of your travels go smoothly.

  3. See ... adventures in travel takes on a whole new meaning, since the adventures started even before you left the old joint. :) The best part of travel really are the stories, so you're starting this trip off in fine fashion.

    I sincerely hope this is no harbinger of things to come in you-know-where, WA.