Friday, September 28, 2012

Well that was the biggest Sausage Fest I've ever been a part of

In the weeks after this cryptic, innuendo laced sign popped up in my neighborhood, they started to multiply in number, including a large one along the main drag featuring an anthropomorphic sausage that appeared to be dancing.  No additional information, just a larger sign claiming a Sausage Fest at a place presumably called Christ is King. We couldn't not go at that point, right?

The anthropomorphic dancing sausage greeted us at the gate.

Turns out it is a huge fundraiser for one of the local parochial schools (turns out Christ is King is the name of the school, not a local church). The website for the school claimed that over 30,000 people were expected to attend and that the money raised accounted for 10% of their yearly budget. Based on how many people were there, I would believe it.

Whoa! This is one crowded Sausage Fest.

It was totally worth the price of admission (free) and although we didn't hit up any of the carnival games, we did partake at the various food stands and went to the beer garden (complete with the sounds of the band 'Smooth as Jazz'. "We're not jazz, but we're smooth as.")  Because if anything says hot Friday night, it's the words 'drinking beer in an elementary school'.

That's a big wiener!


  1. If only my Friday nights were filled with such debauchery as drinking at an elementary school. Perhaps it is something to aspire to.

  2. It's never a bad time to attend a sausage an elementary school...with such a religious name. That's like the perfect storm of awesome!