Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snoqualmie Pass: First handknit wearing of the season

Browsing through some pictures from a recent trip hiking in Snoqualmie Pass, I noticed a milestone for the year. We'd been to Snoqualmie several times over the past couple of years to go skiing, sometimes to ski at the resort, sometimes to ski in the backcountry. Everything looks a little...different without snow though.

The trail that we had traveled so many times:

Turned out to be covered with rocks. Who would have thought? They make good lunch seating though.

Sometimes a little difficult to hike on, however, when wearing feetie shoes. I wouldn't have worn them if I'd known! The first few hours were fine, but my feet muscles got very tired for the last hour or so. I expected it to be much chillier than the Tri-cities though so fortunately I brought my custom feetie shoe legwarmers:

Finally, a chance to bust out the knits!

I hadn't gotten to wear any knitting since summer started. Finally!

Oh, thank you for your 'help'.
Fortunately Sammy didn't try to hard to steal my shoes like he sometimes does, as he was distracted by a prize of his own:

Our destination - Snow Lake. First time we've seen it in liquid form! (My spouse posted his panoramic pic on Facebook and a friend asked what we were doing in Dagobah...Jedi training, duh).


  1. Alright! First knit since summer. That is a serious milestone.
    I've been in the mood for legwarmers. Perhaps I will have to make myself a pair now. Yours looks so cozy.

  2. That looks like some fabulous scenery !

  3. You are good to hike on that with those shoes! The Pass is seriously breathtaking - good on you for getting out into it all.

  4. Wow, that looks like an awesome place!

    Congrats on the first hand-knits of the season. I just started wearing mine too. :-)

    By the way, you are correct... it is cria, singular or plural. :-)