Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big ol' chunky hat

So last July, I declared that this Montana raised Western Sky Knits yarn should become a hat with a big poofy ball on the top.


This really needed to happen. I felt like big chunky cables should be involved too, but would look silly going vertical. They would be TOO chunky, know what I mean? I settled on making a horizontal cable band, a la the recent headband creation. I did about five iterations of this: starting with a more spaced out braided cable (too holey) and playing around with the edging (settled on a three stitch slip method on both sides).

The band was the hard part, then it was just a simple pick up of stitches around the circumference. But the essential part:

THE POOF. I used up all the rest of the yarn for this baby. I was tempted to leave it wild, but I gave it a little haircut.

Yeah buddy:

Very cozy. Although, as you might be able to see, there's a little bit of 'aeration' around the edges of the band (an occasional drawback of chunky yarn). I'm torn about this. I'm considering adding a band of fleece around the edges to act as a windbreak, but I don't want to make it too bulky. It also was a mixed blessing for backcountry skiing (more on that tomorrow). What do you think?


  1. It looks great! I always have a hard time deciding just how intricate I can get with a variegated yarn, but your cable matches perfectly.

  2. Cool hat!

    You could sew a helmet liner into the hat... wind-break without bulk.

  3. That turned out super! I'm with Kathryn - line the inside for no-bulk warmth. :)

  4. I say leave it as is. I love it! It's my favorite shade of blue and the cable is really nice.

  5. It looks awesome! The colour is gorgeous.

  6. I think it looks perfect. You could always wear it for a while and see if you still want to add fleece.

  7. It looks amazing. Love the pattern and the yarn, gorgeous blue