Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Easing into it

You guys know that I haven't been feeling much myself lately. I keep trying to write posts, and but so many negative thoughts come to mind that it's hard to come up with anything that someone would want to read. One of my friends advised me today that I should just write whatever comes to mind, and if it's terrible, it's not like I have to publish it. Excellent advice, really.

For some reason I've been having trouble getting started with projects (a metaphor for my life right now?). I told myself to just pick something from my recently purchased racist Vogue Knitting magazine and just do it. A friend had requested a headband, so I chose the Turban(d) and used the Plymouth Earth Homestead yarn from the CDA trip.

K, good start.

So as I was making this, I thought, as I always do about everything, wouldn't this be great with some cables and some buttons? I'd slap cables and buttons onto anything. So with the remaining yarn, I made my own little creation. 

One of my childhood BFFs blessed me with a visit a couple weeks ago, over her birthday no less.  What an awesome thing to come to my podunk town to celebrate! It pretty much made my month. I forced her to pose wearing it, and she looks adorable in it:

LOVE that smirk! She's probably going to kick my ass for posting this.

I love buttons. I picked these up from a little boutique known as "Hobby Lobby". You probably haven't heard of it.

What really clinched this purchase for me (I was there trying to buy elastic thread--more on that another time) was the sticker on the back. 

Let me help you out in case the print is too small: "This is not a toy. Not intended for use by children under 14." 14? 14?!? Are kids still swallowing and choking on small objects at that age? Are the buttons coated with pot or something? Not that you should be doing drugs at 15 either. 16, maybe. Regardless, there must be something awesome about these buttons.   

But I digress. My friend and I didn't get do too as much sightseeing as planned--it was raining here (300 days of sunshine, and of course it rained), as well as in the Cascades. Mt. Ranier was probably not even going to be visible. We went east instead, and visited Palouse Falls--a random waterfall in the midst of the desert.

But we didn't need to do anything special to have a good time...you know how with old friends you can just chill, watch movies, and eat cupcakes for hours? Yeah, it's pretty much like that. 

And as I finish this up, I can breathe a sigh of relief...Barack Obama was just re-elected as President of the US. Ahhhh, some things can go right!

Edited about an hour later to add: And gay marriage and pot are probably going to be legal in Washington state. Washington...I...may love you. 


  1. Buttons and cables = win. I like both those headbands, but I love those buttons!

  2. Yeah on the headbands! The buttons really do make it ... even if they are objets d'Hobby Lobby.

    And it was a great evening in the Pacific Northwest. Just remember which side of the Cascades you're living on. :)

  3. Yay for knitting. Too funny about the buttons. Yay for old friends. Huge yay for Obama!

  4. Those are cute buttons. My local Hobby Lobby doesn't carry a lot in the way of buttons, cute or otherwise. Your posts make me miss Spokane. I was only there for two weeks but I fell in love with the area.

  5. I love your headband pattern ! I'm sorry you're feeling low, but Obama winning had to be a cheerer-upper: us in the Rest of the World breathed a huge sigh of relief, I can tell you :-)

  6. Lovely buttons, and washable = awesome, although I agree you do have to wonder about the person writing the label. Great headband too, you should write the pattern up, love that cable. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. I wonder what a thirteen year old did with those buttons for them to be labeled that way. I imagine it started out with a, "Hey, watch this!"