Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fuzzy math

Since I'm stuck on my sweater progress (a silk-free Silken Scabbard) until I get the necessary tools, I started work on the XL hat for my officemate. After casting on, it was immediately clear that something wasn't adding up; rather, things were adding up to incorrect numbers. How I had calculated the larger sizes added two inches of circumference for every one inch in increased head size. Oops. My officemate might have a big-ass head, but we're talking Joe Merrick levels of hat here. I always used to get the Elephant Man confused with elephantiasis, which affects...a completely different body part. I reduced the (I hope) appropriate numbers and have the brim finished.

I also started working on my pattern layout. I like the column format best so far, although I'm not sure if having rows split onto multiple lines is confusing. They're certainly more aesthetically pleasing, so, there you go. I need to include at least one picture of the finished product, but I haven't actually taken any yet. I decided to go with a placeholder until such time when there is a competent human being around to snap a picture. ClipArt is soooo 1996, so I passed it over and went with the "Photos" folder, which turned out not to be my pictures (those are, oddly enough, in the "Pictures" folder), but stock photos included with my software. They ran the gamut from Inspirational:

to Scenic:

to Meth Lab:

to Interracial Hand Holding:

to Pornographic:

That one just wasn't the right size (cue the "That's what she said" jokes....now).

More drug abuse:

Strangely, there were a lot more drug paraphernalia photos in addition to those seen here. I guess dealers are a target demographic for Microsoft Office?

I eventually settled on this one:

I think we can all relate.

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