Thursday, March 4, 2010

You came to find something out about knitting...

You came to here to find something out about knitting; I started a blog (I hate that word--let's call it a 'virtual logbook') to tell you my knitting life's story, and when it's entertaining, my own life's story. It's always difficult to start something new--hard to find your groove so to speak. I think we have to begin with the obligatory introduction (it's a law in CA, I'm pretty sure).

I'm an engineer. I love to know how things work, and the mechanics of knitting provide an endless source of fascination for me. My husband and I are children of winter and live to be outdoors, so there is never a lack of need for knitted items. We're usually in the snowy clime of WI, but our jobs make us somewhat of nomads for the time being.

I recently designed my first pattern--a simple cabled hat. It's a groundbreaking design that I'm sure no one has ever thought of before (kidding, hey, you gotta start somewhere). The impetus for starting the virtual logbook was to have a place to post the pattern where it can be found by anyone (not just on Ravelry, where you have to be a member, and if you are not signed up yet, go go go now and do it!). The issue now is sizing--I made one for myself, but I'm maybe a cantaloupe--and there are casabas, honeydews, and all different sizes of melons out there. Next step: make a watermelon sized (official size "gigantor") hat. I racked my brain through the people I My officemate back home. My suspicions were confirmed when he sent me his measurements, so I'm starting the test for my large size conversion tonight. Here's to hoping my math skills are as good as my sleeping skills.

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