Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking news

The news was on the TV, but I was watching without the sound on so as to concentrate on sorting out some prickly intarsia. I happened to glance up, and swore that I saw something on the screen about a heifer attack. "Was that...really??" The curiosity factor was off the charts. Thank goodness for TiVo...

I found this entertaining on several levels (other than a period of feeling heifer sympathy). First, this assumes that your viewing audience knows what a heifer is (a female cow that hasn't given birth). It also assumes that the viewer finds the distinction important, and opposed to just saying 'a cow'. "Oh, a heifer? That's a shame. At least it wasn't a steer." I guess the distinction could be important if it was a bull--that would have been a less lopsided match-up.

Lastly, there are cougars in Wisconsin?! That's sort of...awesome. I'm declaring myself officially on (dramatic music intro) COUGAR WATCH! As my first order of business, I'm raising the current cougar threat level to orange.


  1. I predict the cougar incursion will be limited to local bars. I'm pretty sure every farmer in the area just ran off to "git mah gun" and will be taking aim at dogs, large house cats, and other people for the next week or so. It's sad but that's the reason large predators have been nearly wiped out in this and Chris Hansen.

  2. :-( to Burbin'out's comments 'cause it makes me sad how much wildlife has suffered with our progress. (ie: 60 million bison in the 19th century now reduced to 1,000.) I would keep my cats inside if I were in your neck of the woods. I feel bad for the heifer, but I guess it's the way of the wild. Your cougar threat level is hilarious.

  3. Agreed to Mr. Burb and actually gave me a hopeful feeling to hear that cougars were repopulating. Big cats are flippin' amazing, but sadly disappearing. In the state where Burb and I used to live, we had the same problem with wolves--as soon as they would start repopulating, farmers/others would raise the alarm and start shooting them.

  4. Ah yes, what did we do before TiVo/DVRs? Back when we couldn't rewind things just in case we really did see something about that poor heifer. ;) Hilarious (unless you're the heifer of course)!