Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reporting from an undisclosed location deux

Nah, I'm just screwing with you. I am visiting another national lab, though. If it seems like I've been slutting it out to a lot of user facilities recently...that's because I have. I'm the grad student bicycle--everyone gets a ride. This super secret research facility (that is, if you're unfamiliar with how 'The Google' works) is located in Richland, WA. This is my second time here, and it's just a pleasure to visit. It's a gorgeous location--technically a desert, but definitely a temperate climate, with rolling hills/mountains in the distance (they're on that cusp of height where they could be either).

Richland is large enough to have some good food and fun things to do, but definitely small enough to maintain that 'small town charm'. I mean, the hotel where I'm staying gives you a key. A metal key.

When was the last time you saw that happen? The people at the lab are helpful and friendly, again, it's that small town charm feeling. I could foresee working here on a more permanent basis...

I finished my test knit over the weekend. Check it:

WOW. If I were any paler, I'd be transparent.

I received much praise from the copilot when I donned it for the picture-possibly because it's the first garment I've knit for myself that doesn't fit like a gunny sack or a sausage casing. I'm pumped to wear it. It was also fun to be able to automatically get clarifications and give the designer my feedback. My last tester for the Infinite Cabled Hat is just wrapping up, just waiting for the survey. I've finished all the corrections, now I just need some good photos...this and the layout are the hardest parts for me (if I was a REAL designer, I'd have peeps that I could delegate these things out to). I've already signed up for another test knit; I'm finding I really enjoy having the deadline. Now to find US 2&1/2 needles (I didn't know such a thing even existed).

Speaking of deadlines, still plugging away on the Mystery Wedding Project...SO..MUCH..GARTER STITCH.


  1. The sweater looks great! As for Mystery Wedding Project...ain't nuthin' wrong with garter stitch. EZ made a whole career on it ;-)

  2. Your test knit is awesome looking! I sample knit for one of the big yarn companies and the only downside is not getting to keep what I knit, but on the other hand, it's a really big reward to see what I knit being modeled and on the website. I agree that having a deadline helps - it prevents me from having that one sweater that's been hiding in my closet for 2 years half finished... ;)