Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Milk was a bad choice!

Wow! First things first. I'm pleased to accept the "A Blog with Substance" award from Michelle of You Just Gotta Keep Knittin'.

If anything, I strive for substance--even if that substance is something more like Jell-o than an actual solid.

Rules of acceptance:

Thank the blogger who bestowed you with the award - That's easy. Thanks so much Michelle! She has a wonderful blog that you should check out. I kind of feel like her stalker because I wouldn't mind stealing her lifestyle - cooking, knitting, little ones + animals running around, living in the Pacific northwest, insert more awesome and cool things here. Ooh, that sounds a little creepy; I swear I'm not going to try to "Single White Female" you.

Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words
- education, amusement/entertainment, inspiration, accountability (on all counts for you readers and for me, I hope).

Nominate 10 deserving bloggers - Also pretty easy, and it no particular order.

1. Designs by Dianna - fun designs by a gal who is amazingly a relatively new knitter.
2. My Fibre Obsessed Life - love her sassy attitude!
3. Wife, 'Mom', Knitter - when you read her blog, she seems like that buddy you can always call up and complain about your day, and she'll make it all better.
4. Fiolinn and the Handy Gnomes - I wrote this at first as Fiolinn and the Angry Gnomes, which is different and totally terrifying. This gal makes wonderful knits.
5. The Student Knitter - a multi-talented crafter!
6. useless beauty. - another multi-crafter with an awesome sense of humor.
7. fridica - great knits and fun photos from her day-to-day.
8. Stephcuddles - another blogger who you feel like you could ring up to bitch about your day together.
9. Dyeing to Knit - beautiful yarns and patterns!
10. And a bone for my non-knitting readers -, a friend of mine who blogs about whatever is entertaining or interesting to him at the moment, currently health care in various countries and how they compare/contrast.

I would throw the Bike Snob in there, but he would just piss on my award and call me out for being too hipster. But that's also why I love him.

As I glanced through these blogs, there was a similar thread running through most of them (the knit-centric ones at least) of "Sorry I haven't posted recently, guys, I haven't done much knitting or blogging recently." Ditto. I'd like to place the blame squarely on the beast:

Don't let that sweet face fool you. Moments later he tackled the photographer and inserted his nose firmly into the photographer's crotch.

And that's part of it. Not only because of the walking/housetraining/playing/infinite other dog stuff, but because yarn is apparently perfectly shaped, colored, and textured for his entertainment. I snapped this photo of my shawl to show you a little progress:

And not a second later, the ball of yarn was snatched from the table. I have to wait until the beast passes out to get any productive crafting done:


But I think a lion's share of the malaise can be blamed on the weather. It's getting to the point here where I feel like I'm pushing the limits of good taste in my apparel; there's only so many clothes you can take off. After a while, the thought of anything wool touching your body makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit. As has (oddly) been the case recently, my situation can be summed up by Ron Burgundy:

It's so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice.

Maybe I should start working on a bikini...


  1. I am so super flattered that you chose me. :-)

    I like to think that I AM "that buddy you can always call up and complain about your day, and she'll make it all better." I would at least try my very hardest to do so....or I would be cursing or crying along with you. ;-)

  2. oh man, thanks for the award!! I'm always so surprised when someone notices my little corner of the Interweb. hehe

  3. Congrats and you have a great list of nominees. Doggie is cute...even if he is high maintenance. The shawl is looking good. Try to stay cool.

  4. Lovely shawl! The lace is beautiful!

  5. Ooooh you're giving me too many awards, I can't keep up! : ) Thank you so much for the nomination : )

    I absolutely adore that last photo with the beast passed out! I think I'll go for a cat once I get around to having pets - they require so much less maintenance (and I'm just lazy!)...