Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hat blocking - mostly win, slightly fail

All in all, the hat blocking escapade was a success. The always flattering self portrait:

I call this one...Blue Steel.

Look, it's a good picture of the hat. Please ignore the human part of the photo entirely.


Pattern - Brattleboro Hat, Interweave Knits Fall 2010

Yarn - Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Emerald, from Blog Hub Swap

Modifications - Added an extra repeat of the body rows (+4 rows) so that it would cover my ears. Because if it doesn't cover your ears, what's the freaking point?

Assessment - Booyah

This update comes a little later than expected, because while Operation Block Hat on Pumpkin was a success, Operation Pull Hat Off Pumpkin and Tear Off the Buttons and Eat One was a success for Sammy. Operation Wait For Button to Appear in Bowel Movement was a failure in the sense that when it did appear, it was in about 4 chewed up pieces. Apparently it's gross that I was even considering reusing the button, but it was part of a matched pair! It's one of the 3 R's people, reuse. I was going to wash it.

[Sidebar: We sound like terrible dog parents, but he's recovering from a surgery + broken leg and isn't allowed to even go on walks for more than 5 min a couple times a day. Convalescing dog = bored dog = naughty dog. Two more weeks until the fixator comes off...he's not that bad, I promise. Hey, quit laughing!]

I'm planning on blocking a couple of older hats, if the pumpkin doesn't mysteriously transform into pie before I get around to it.

Ever go to work and give a research presentation, only to later discover that you have a gaping hole in your sweater?

What's that? You say you have the presence of mind to check on such things before you go out in public and you'd never be such a slovenly loser? ....Yeah, me too. Those people are losers.


  1. Love the pout. ;-) Oh and the hat is just lovely as well.

    I have two extremely bad doggies myself. I give you credit for thinking about hosing down the button if you found it. I would never do that. :-)

  2. So where on the sweater is that gap, exactly ? :-)

  3. Oh, dude, it was right smack in the front. Normal people probably would have noticed, fortunately I was with engineers.

  4. As a recovering engineer, knitter and dog momma... this hits a little close to home and is way funny. ;-)

    Glad you found a suitable replacement for the chewed-up and pooped button. The hat is super cute.

  5. Blue Steel = fantastic! :D

  6. The hat looks awesome! Great color on you.

    As for the puppy fiasco... been there, done that. Hope he's recovering quickly!