Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new sheep enters the fold

One of my co-workers and I have been conspiring for about a year now to get him some knitting learnin', so he can knit his special lady friend a cozy hat for an Xmas present. Last year we started far too late, as seems to be the case with all of my intended Xmas knitting projects (one of my friends got her pair of socks last August...sorry).

A work trip to UNLV was just the 4 hours of solid airplane boredom we needed. Check out my protege's practice work:

Only one accidental yarn over! I am totally impressed; the stitches are pretty even. This is only his second practice swatch (the last one being December of last year). I think he's ready for the big leagues, i.e. it's hat time, baby.

I keep telling the men in my life that dudes with knitting knowledge are totally sexy. Listen up guys, well done handknits = panties dropping. Trust me.


  1. that looks really good! and dudes knitting, yeah i think that is totally rad!

  2. Blogspot ate my comment, so apologies if you get this twice. Anyway, I agree about dudes and knitting knowledge - the lady is a lucky one if her dude makes her a cozy hat! I'm waiting patiently for my dude to ask me to teach him, but since both his mother and I are knitting obsessives, I can understand (sort of) that he might want a little space.

  3. I know my panties would be dropping... ;-)

  4. agree with accountantgrrl :D tried to teach the boy last year to help him cope with stress. He got more stressed about the knitting *sigh*