Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog week & new stash

Just for poos & giggles, I've decided to participate in Blog Week, pioneered by Eskimimi over at Ravelry. Check it out (she has the info on her site), and feel free to participate whether you're a Raveler or not. Starting Apr. 26th, each day will have a specific topic and everyone participating will expound upon said topic. Fun fun!(?)

If you'd like to check out other blogs that are taking part, Eskimimi has devised an ingenious tagging system, which I shall not attempt to explain, but quote from her site:

"Knitting and Crochet Blogging week is gong to attempt to use google to implement a tagging system. Each of the 8 topics (7 daily topics and one wildcard) has a code, starting with ‘knitcroblo’ and then a number 1-7 or ‘wc’ (for wild card) at the end. If you use the appropriate tag in each of your blog posts during Blog week (or add them at the end of your blog post) then Googling those terms will bring up a list of blog posts for that same topic, from all blogs taking part."

So if you're searching for the first day's post, it would be knitcroblo1. Since it's not a real word, it should only yield hits from those participating. Clever.

I've also taken the first step in a project for a friend who is getting married. First step - get materials. I guess deciding on the project was the first step, but we're talking the first concrete step. Money has changed hands, so there's no going back. If you are my friend, and you're getting married soon, read no further or your surprise will be spoiled (and I'll kick your ass).

Are we alone now?

Good. So I'm diving into the world of log-cabining. If you've never heard of it, check out the Mason-Dixon gals--they make it look gorgeous. You knit in garter stitch (knit stitch only), typically rectangular shapes, then turn the work and pick up stitches from the side when you decide you want to make a new color block. I just dropped [undisclosed amount of money] on [undisclosed number, because if said friend is being naughty and looking, she knows how to do math] skeins of Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold. It is a line recommended in the Mason-Dixon book for a blanket, and I'm buying it sight unseen (and un-felt, which might be more important); this is fairly unusual for me. I have yet to meet a silk-wool blend I haven't liked though, so I figured let's flippin' do it! Let's make an heirloom blanket! Check out the colorway:

That's eggshell, deep pink, sandstone, and bristol, clockwise from top left. I'm going to go for a mod look, with large blocks of color and no real symmetry. I'm pumped!

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