Friday, April 9, 2010

Picot bind-off

Now for the companion piece to the picot cast-on. The picot bind-off! I could find very little about the picot bind-off on the interwebs, and the picot bind-off that my trusty The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques describes is a method that makes a poor match for the cast-on I previously described. Like the cast-on, there are many variations of the picot bind-off. I've deduced a method using my math skillz that will be the most subtle of the picots and match the previous cast-on. And here she goes....

Picot bind-off

Step 1 - Cast-on one stitch using the cable cast-on:

A quick visual recap of the cable cast-on. See the above link for more details.

Step 2 - Knit two stitches:

Step 3 - Bind-off one stitch using the knit bind-off:

Up n' over, then drop the stitch off. See the above link for more details.

One stitch remains on RHN.

Step 4 - Knit one more stitch.

Step 5 - Bind-off one stitch using the knit-bind off. (One stitch remains on RHN).

Step 6 - Slip the stitch on the RHN to the LHN, inserting the LHN through the stitch from the bottom up:

You've bound-off one stitch using the picot bind-off! Repeat steps 1-6 until all stitches are bound-off. Basically what you're doing is adding one stitch, then taking away two. Here's what it looks like on k1p1 ribbing.

Nice and stretchy! Me likee.


  1. Thanks so much! I'm trying to improve my technique.

  2. I absolutely ADORE your blog! Photo knitting tutoring + a dry sense of humor? Does it get any better than this???

    Thanks for the link from Ravelry!

  3. Dah-ling, you made my heart all warm and fuzzy! Love!