Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've got mail: Day 3

Today's package: a squishy, soft wool yarn that fills me with warm feelings. And, it's cleverly matched with a pattern for felted slippers. I've been wanting to try felting for a while now, so I am all over this. I'm also starting to feel that the package I've put together is inadequate...but it's all ready to go, to be sent out later today (or tomorrow, depending upon the level of procrastination).

I put everything on a high shelf for safekeeping, and made a run to the local pet supplies store on the next block to restock on dog food and chew sticks. I literally ran. I didn't think that anything was in the dog zone, but I was taking no chances.

Now, you guys are going to think that I'm a complete moron at this point (when is she going to learn???), but I swear, he couldn't reach this shelf before and his front leg is broken in like twelve (OK three, but still) places. But see for yourself...

Flippin' crippled Houdini managed to find and bust into the yarn package. I'm pretty sure he can smell yarn at this point. I was mortified. The yarn is fine, but it's all disheveled and doesn't represent the true glory of htNevele. Very fortunately, I happened to treat myself to a skein of the same yarn, but in a different color. Phew!


  1. LOL your dog is surely mad at you :-/ But don't procrastinate - take pity on your poor swap partner, desperate for their box ... :-)

  2. I'm sorry! I shouldn't find this hilarious but I do, you have an amazing dog there :D

  3. He loves yarn as much as I do, and it's hard to fault him for that...

  4. haha! dogs and yarn, it is crazyniess!! mine keeps trying to get at my current project and string it all over the couch!