Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yarn score

I'm still working on perfecting my swap parcel. I want to give my swap-ee some tastes of Madison, at least my little area of it (read: totally hippie, or crunchy granola if you will). One of my favorite yarn gurus is a local gal who used to sell her yarn, htNEVELE through the now defunct LYS. I used a skein of her sock yarn to construct my very first pair of socks, which also happen to be my favorite pair of socks:

As my swap-ee is a sock yarn lover, I knew I just had to get her some. But how to obtain it, now that the LYS is an S&M boutique or a sausage factory or whatever it was they turned it into? I found her website on her Rav profile, and shot her an email to ask what the lead time is on getting the yarn after ordering. I still have a fair amount of time before the swap deadline, but better safe than sorry.

She kindly offered to meet me, seeing as how we are both Madison-ites and even live in the same crunchy granola area. Where and when to meet? It felt a little like a drug drop. I pictured us meeting in a dark parking lot, pulling up our cars next to each other. However, we (probably wisely) selected a nearby coffeeshop at sunny noon-time. Now, I won't show you what I got for the parcel, just in case, but I couldn't help getting a little goods for myself:

I had to make her trip worth her while, of course. Mmmm, drool worthy.


  1. Thanks for the post. Her shop is great! I bookmarked it for future purchases :)

  2. You are too funny! Nice to see you again and I'd love to see a pic of what you knit up with the Provence!