Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've got mail: Day 6 & 7

I've caught that cold that everyone else in the tri-state area seems to have, so I've fallen behind on my swap blogging duties. My copilot was kind enough to snap some photos for me while I languish on the couch. I present Day 6 and 7 combined:

Mmmm delicious Tar Heel coffee....

I was perplexed by these at first...then I realized they were handmade magnets. Very clever!

And some buttons. I LOVE buttons. Probably unhealthily so. It's my cross to bear.

And so concludes my coverage of the Blog Hub Swap. Another big thanks to Sara for an awesome parcel! If you'd like to check out the reaction of the gal who received my package, you can find her here. She is graciously pretending to like the crap that I sent her.


  1. those magnets are surprising and cute! not to mention, i am another button addict, so it goes without saying that i'm coveting those as well.

  2. hope you are feeling better soon! cool buttons, magnets, and coffee to boot! yum!

  3. Feel better soon! I found that liberal doses of Benedryl and Robitussin DM Max got me through my cold. ;-)

    It certainly looks like your swap person liked their loot. What fun!