Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh, (cold) snap!

As my commenters so wisely predicted, a chance to wear my (relatively) newly minted fingerless mitts would come sooner rather than later. The first chill came on Friday, and I took the mitts for a test drive at their 'intended' use: typing. I started them during a time when I was a visitor in a very chilly lab. I wanted to keep my hands warm, but I needed my fingers so I could still type for important work stuff like blogging, as well as knitting while my experiments run.

Of course I didn't complete them until after I'd returned home, but they are indeed good little typing mitts. I gave them another test drive this morning as bike commuting mitts, and again, awesome-ness. I love 'em! I'll try and find out if the designer ever published the pattern, if anyone is interested (they were a test knit).

I also started suffering under the delusion this week that I might finish Mystery Wedding Project on time. Two months ago, it became clear that the only way that I was going to complete MWP by deadline was to go through one skein a week, and that certainly hasn't been happening. The reason it seems possible, methinks, is that I only have three panels left to complete--however, these are big-ass panels compared to the previous ones. But only three! That sounds doable, right? The pile of skeins that aren't even wound yet says no. I'm reminded of this Dilbert comic:

Since I haven't achieved any of that (yet), my idea is to take a picture of what I have and put it in a card, possibly with a sample of yarn. What are your thoughts on that? Any other ideas?


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me!

  2. Perhaps include a picture of what it will be as well?