Monday, April 25, 2011

Breaking the rules

Alexandra over at Wool & Cotton had a post a few days ago putting words to a problem that I didn't even consciously realize I had: a set of self-imposed rules. "Don't buy more yarn, you already have plenty you haven't used." "You can't make that, it's the middle of winter and that's a bikini." "No, not that yarn for that pattern. You won't use all of it, so it's not practical."

Well screw you, brain--I'm paying you to think, not to be a total buzzkill. I saw that Leah from Good Enough published her first pattern recently--it was a pretty cowl and looked soft, and I wanted to make it. I don't care that a) it's not winter any more, b) I'm using the last of my yarn from my NZ honeymoon, or c) it probably won't use the whole ball of yarn.

This is what rebellion looks like:

Soft and wavy, apparently. Viva la resistance!


  1. Nice! Knit on, I say. Screw the rules!!

  2. Rebellion Rocks! Roll on Joan....

  3. Whee! I love the yarn choice - it looks great :)

  4. What is that yarn ??It is GORGEOUS ! and I have a cousin in NZ ;-)

  5. Long Live La Resistance indeed! Very lovely cowl colors.

    I will get to NZ, I will get to NZ, I will get to NZ ...

  6. Rebellion is beautiful! :D The yarn looks great in that pattern!

    I'm breaking my rules by casting on one thing after another! I love it and I'm having so much fun!