Monday, April 18, 2011

Calling for opinions!

You remember these guys, right? The Ace Fingerless Mitts. I wrote up the pattern and had it tested, and had a little idea--I know that I'm not going to make a living from writing patterns, so why not sell the pattern through Ravelry for a pittance (say, one or two bucks?) and donate all of the proceeds to the ASPCA? I feel like it's a non-controversial non-profit, and that many knitters would have an appreciation for animals since we get a lot of our materials from them. So question 1: good idea or totally lame?

The pattern testing on them is wrapping up, so the copilot and I did a little fashion shoot last evening. Which brings me to question 2: which photos would entice you to make some fingerless mitts? Keep in mind they can be cropped. The copilot cleverly suggested to include the dog in the shoot to go with the ASPCA theme. Here are a few that I think are pretty OK, but I feel like I'm not very objective:

You can tell I start to crack up at one point during the faux 'coffee drinking' section.

I love the pics where he's pawing at the mitt, but his wang is kind of front and center. He's self-censoring a little in this one.

If you're bored at work, check out the whole set here. You can refer to the photos based on their ID number. Thanks for your professional assessment!


  1. What a beautiful dog! Some great shots in the set. My favourites with the dog are:
    6417, 6426, 6432, 6436

    I'm sure you can creatively crop out the bits where he's exposing himself!

    From the fake coffee drinking shots, I prefer the background in the shots taken from your left side, e.g. 6442, and I think I prefer the ones where you're just holding the mug, not drinking from it.

    I think it's a great idea to sell the pattern to raise money for charity, I'd definitely be happy to support a charity like the ASPCA through buying patterns.

  2. I think selling the pattern for the ASPCA is an awesome idea. I love 6435 and 6417 and the coffee one you featured in your blog XD

  3. I think it's a great idea...and I think since it's for a good cause, most folks will be willing to pay a couple of dollars more...
    My favourite photos are 6417 (would crop a bit closer...), 6431 (really nice), 6438 (lovely composition, but mitts out of focus :( ),6414 (very nice), 6441 (great close-up....)
    Let us know when it's available on Rav :)

  4. Question #1: That is a great idea!

    Question #2: I like IMG_6440 You don't see your cute furbabies wang while him still being visible in the picture.

  5. I love the idea! I think that's wonderful of you! I'm definitely a fan of the last two photos, the one with puppy dog petting and the one with you guys sitting on the bench.

    I notice that there's no pictures of the palm though? I'd want a closer-up shot for the construction details. :)

    Just one opinion! :)

  6. I think it's a great idea and I can't imagine that anyone would have a problem with it.

    As for the photos I am going to suggest that you don't put too many pics in of the pup. He's so pretty that I found myself looking at the dog and kind of forgetting the mitts.

    (PS love the mitts. would knit them in a second!)

  7. Great idea. As for which photo - I'm for a close up of the mitt itself. Although the dog is adorable, it's the mitt you want to highlight.

  8. Go for it - who can object to furry animals?!!!

    In terms of the photos - definitely put in photos of the mitts up close, from many angles so people see how they're constructed. Then, put a few of your awesome dog at the end.

  9. I think it's a great idea to donate your pattern sales to the ASPCA. I like the first photo you have in your blog post, but I also like 6437. Can't wait to see the pattern on Ravelry!

  10. Beautiful mitts! I think your idea is great! From the pictures, I really like 6409, 6426 and 6442 because they show off the mittens. But everything with your dog is very cute!