Monday, April 11, 2011

Semi-Obligatory 'Spring has sprung' Blog Post (SOSHSBP)

It seems like everyone has been doing some version of the SOSHSBP for quite some time now, and considering that it had not sprung here yet only served to make me more jaded and bitter. I need some kind of vengeance--so take THIS, readers from the Yukon Territory and Finland--spring has reached Wisconsin, bitches.

I found myself recently wanting to work on something mindless and quick, so I started a making a simple sock. I didn't have enough sock yarn left from either of two skeins of PacaPeds (a delightful wool/alpaca blend) to make a full pair of socks after making this and this, so I decided to put the colors together.


Economic factors have led me to some poor yarn color choices before (as in, 'well this is the color I really want, but the hunter's orange is on sale!') so I was fairly skeptical of how this was going to turn out. My copilot was dubious as well, but after I started them I started seeing the color combo everywhere. Neighbors' houses:

And in their flowerbeds:

When these guys appeared last week, it finally felt safe to say we were in spring. I remember feeling excitement every year the crocuses (croci?) started coming up in our flower bed, heralding the first shoots of life following the big chill.

The lake is also completely liquid, so that's nice. I do miss the having ice as our dog's personal playground.

The crocuses seem to be popping up in places where people didn't necessarily plant them, but you couldn't really ask for a nicer looking weed.

This concludes the SOSHSBP.


  1. Daffodils and crocuses are always a good sign that spring is firmly here. I do love the colors of your sock!

  2. Beautiful socks, colors and pictures!

  3. I like the two colors together (as well as the necessity thing) but I'd have made mittens. :)

  4. That lake is your back yard ?? Wow :-) Socks are nice too :-)

  5. I really like the two colours on the socks (but then they are two of my favourites, so I could be biased!)

  6. I wish the lake was my backyard....we live in a condo building. The lake is a short 2 blocks away though, which is still sweet.